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Пресс релиз проекта "связь времен" (English version)

“New generations can’t be established
without a great responsibility for  the  forefathers,
for the memory and history of our Country ”

V.V. Putin 

“Let’s protect the fortress Oreshek for the further generations”  

New project called “Touch of Times” has started since the 10THof April, it’s devoted to patriotic education of the  young generations of Saint-Petersburg residents and attraction assets  for the restoration of the fortress. 

This project “Touch of Times” included next events:

  1. Series of the seminars about how the Fortress Oreshek was heroically protected during the Great Patriotic war will be taken in the schools for the forming patriotic awareness of the youth;
  2. 14-15 of June  will take place historic and patriotic festival “Connections of Times” on the island where the fortress is located;
  3. Assets for restoration of the fortress and developing of its infrastructure are invested.

All this events will be covered by mass media. 

This project  is made  by group of initiators supported by the government of the Public St.Petersburg Museum of History. 

For all further details please contact press secretary of the project: 

Bank properties for charitable contributions and sponsor’s funds:  Public St. Petersburg Museum of History, Personal account #0170005, BANK OF RUSSIA for St. Petersburg, INN 7813080598,   KPP 781301001, Settlement account 40603810100003000001, BIK 044030001 

Some  Details about fortress “Oreshek”

The fortress of Oreshek which was built in 1323  by grandson of Aleksandr Nevsky in the mouth of  the river Neva, which was occupied by Swedes and finally was set free by Russian forces with Peter I as the head during the Northern War, during the Great Patriotic war fortress played very important role for the protection of the Leningrad. For 500 days defenders of the fortress held the line and didn’t let to close   the circle of the blockade.

Now this fortress is a federal statue though its conditions is considered to be critical. The experts say that for restoring the fortress it’s needed more than 6 billion rubles. The 1st step is conservation of the remains, needed 30 million rubles. Infrastructure of the island where the fortress is located also demands the restoration and modernization.

Meanwhile head of the fortress  Poluhin O.V. says that “Oreshek” now is opened for the private business and it’s possible to use  rehabilitated  parts of the infrastructure of the island and other areas for commercial aims. Some concrete projects will be implemented before the festival which will be held in June and all participants of the  restoration process will be mentioned.  

Бочаров Андрей Владимирович 
Тел.: +7 (812) 961-19-35
          +7 (812) 916-61-00
ICQ: 164-087-561


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